Northbay News
  • Bryan's to speaks at Master Gardener Library Series at Luther Burbank Gardens, Sebastopol  Topic: Fruit Tree Care and Pruning. 
  • Time to Dormant Prune Your Fruit Trees
  • Install a smart timer to adjust water use automatically

The typical gardens in the San Francisco Northbay Area are far from typical.  They range from rectangular lawns with border plants in Windsor to massive deck structures on the hillside of Mill Valley.   Northbay gardens therefore need more than your typical landscaper.

Healey, Inc. is just that kind of landscape contractor.  Serving the Northbay Area since 1981 our company has built decks, fences, bocce courts, dry creeks, patios, garden sheds, and outdoor kitchens.  We have designed and installed rose gardens, lawns, xeriscapes, fruit orchards and small parks.   We even care for and maintain gardens, upgrade irrigation, add lighting and repair garden features and structures.

For your Northbay Garden, use Healey, Inc. for all your landscaping needs.  We give free estimates for future work and even come out for garden consultations.

Whether you know what you want, have seen what you want or want us to design something special, we are the landscape contractor of your dreams. 


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